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Service Design

Ons Zorgteam

Day by day, by you

Ons Zorgteam is a mobile app for the parents and families of children with medical complexity.

My role:
  • Research & Analysis

  • Persona creation

  • Wireframes

  • Prototyping

  • Motion graphics

  • Logo 

  • Documentation

Multiple owners

Problem statement

How could digital products support families of chronically sick children in their journey from hospital to home? During the project at the DSS, my team received this query. We collaborated closely as a team with our partner, the Emma Children's Hospital, which is one of the partners that will be constructing "Het Jeroen Pit Huis." This care model will support families of children who require complicated care by empowering and teaching them in the comfort of their own homes. This will make their transfer home safer, smoother, and more long-lasting. The parents were the major target demographic for this endeavour.

Screenshot 2020-08-16 at 1.42.04 PM.png
Designing for a meaningful experience

We adopted the SCREAM technique to solve this question, which is a hybrid of Design Thinking and SCRUM. We began with research, which provided us with information that we used to create a stakeholders map and a transition journey map. We got to add a number of new touchpoints in the transition process of these families during a co-creating session with parents of children with complex care, physicians, and other stakeholders. Desk research, participant observations, and interviews with parents of chronically sick children, their doctors, and many other stakeholders such as respite care workers, an ADL-assistant, and other interventions were employed as study methodologies. We sought to acquire as much information as possible from all of these parties since the families are inextricably linked to them.

Stakeholder's map
1*rYDFvbgO0qhbZDkHXHwBNA copy.png
Transition Journey Map
Maria copy.jpg
Rik Persona copy.jpg
Designing the Solution

We concluded that our solution prototype should focus on social wellbeing, emotional wellness, and care coordination based on our findings. The quality of life for the entire family should be improved by concentrating on these three principles. We decided to make a mobile application after performing a lot of brainstorming, brainwriting, and utilising the AOKI and ViP Decontruct methods. Everyone uses their smartphone to communicate, and it's an useful approach to help these families, especially during transitions. We built four key elements, as seen in the user flow: a family board, a journal, objectives, and the wave page. This is also connected to a smart lamp in the family's Jeroen Pit Huis. 

Information Architecture
Mobile App_edited.jpg
High- fidelity Prototype
5th copy.png
2nd mockup copy.png
Smart lamp Concept

Solution description

An online platform for families to centralize their 
progress and a connected device that entails
some elements of the digital experience.


turn on a light to let your family know you are thinking of them, or use it to tell a story!

Voice  record 

Speak some kind words, sing a song,

or tell a bedtime story.


pick a different colour and intro sound

for each family member.

Finally, we settled on the name "Ons ZorgTeam." Throughout the next sprints, we used interviews and further research to validate and refine our prototype. We discontinued the journal option to concentrate on the app's care coordination capabilities, such as updating the goals page, adding tasks, adding a calendar etc. Aside from that, the family board has been transformed into a timeline so that everyone in the family's of OnsZorgTeam is always up to date on more than just the medical elements of the child's life, because all life domains affect the quality of life.

Project Video
fl copy.png
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