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Alexithymia is a personality trait characterized by the subclinical inability to identify and describe emotions experienced by oneself. 



“Oppressed by the emotions, suppressed by rage

Colluded are my thoughts, surrounded by an invisible cage

The demons within brawl, the birdies, say they fathom my freedom, want me to fall.


But here I lay motionless, gasping for hope,  for life,

Someone is sledging my hope with one sharp knife .

I see a flickering light at the end of the passage

I plead, I pray, for someone to free me off the cage”.


how a human is a manifestation of his hopes, dreams and desires and how he is captive in the hands of greed and other vices. How he is often torn apart and dispersed into bits by the twists and turns of life's maze.


The purpose of the fine art project is to depict and replicate human psychological emotions in particular life situations.

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